PURGE.BAT: The Hometown Apocalypse is a Tabletop RPG is a print and play game in the same vein as the infamous Dungeons and Dragons. With this game it includes 50 original creatures, 16 clans/gangs, world lore, custom rules set, and character sheet. Players are encouraged to face the cataclysm as themselves to see how long they could truly survive in nightmarish world.

A lone monitor flickers in the darkness of a dimly lit IT office, wires and cords cover every surface of the room snaking their way into server cabinets. with flickering LEDs. The silence of the humming hard drives fill the room, occasionally broken by the sound of a muffled alarm in the distance. The camera pans around the corner of a server cabinet to a skeletal frame of what was once a person with a keyboard in their lap and a handgun in their hand. Crusted blood splattering the cabinet behind them. The camera slowly follows the cord of the keyboard up to the flickering computer. One line of text is visible under the dusty screen. run purge.bat The camera zooms up out of the office and out of the building. Revealing your world, the cataclysm has come.