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PURGE.BAT is the perfect game to have your brand new tabletop players sink their teeth into. Version 1.0 of the game uses only two dice, a twenty sided dice (d20) and a normal 6 sided dice (d6). The d20 is used for skill checks and the d6 is usually used for damage.


It is encouraged in this game for the players first character to be themselves so that the players know their limits. However if a player dies let them feel free to explore other character arch types. If a player is having problems deciding on a character have them look at the premade characters for inspiration:



There are six skills in the game currently:








Strength: Is how strong you are as a character, this effects how much your character can lift, how much your player can carry, and how well the player takes life threating conditions, including diseases, poisons, and traumas.


Dexterity: Is your character coordination and how well they can Parkour obstacles. Think speed, balance, and ten point landings.


Logic: Is your characters awareness of their surroundings, their ability to craft things. Use this skill if your hacking computers, or your trying to notice something out of the ordinary.


Willpower: Is the characters ability to recall information. If your player forgets certain information about the world, npcs, or quests, they must role for Willpower to get the needed information. The other use is if your player believes they may already have insight into an event, group, or npc. Think Han Solo knowing Lando in Star Wars.


Charisma: Is your general demeanor and speaking skills. This skill is used to talk down an escalated situation, sway npcs, barter, or act.


Empathy: Is the ability for the character to understand an npcs motives, are they lying or being truthful, this skill can also be used to determine the heat of a situation and determine a characters. next move.


To create a character the player chooses one positive and one negative skill. If the group is playing as themselves have each player choose the skills that best relate to them.




For the players positive skill the rolls succeed on a 5-20 any lower the and fails if lower.

The negative skill succeeds and a 15-20, 10-14 the player fails, 1-9 the player catastrophically fails. The GM can decide the repercussions or use the cataclysm table:


The other skills or "neutral skills" succeed on a 10-20, fail on a 5 - 9, and catastrophically fail with a 1-4 see the link above for the suggestion table.


At the start of the game players exchange their character sheets with another player. The GM then sets a clock for 30 seconds. One player at a time starts naming items they may need during a disaster. The player with the talking players character sheet must write all of the items as fast as possible. If an item is spelled wrong or is still being written those items are thrown out. The group must then decide if the player could carry all of these items, unless the player has taken Strength as their positive skill.

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